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Download Signature Sheets!
Option 1: A single-use sheet just for you

Use this "e-sheet" if you just want to collect your own signature and send it in.  Instructions are on the sheet.  Things to remember:

  • Print it out on plain, white printer paper.  Nothing fancy!

  • Use black or blue ink.

  • You can print out another one of these for someone who asks for it, but you may NOT print out and distribute them unsolicited.

  • Follow the instructions that are printed on the sheet.

Option 2: A 10-line Volunteer Sheet

Use this "10-Line Sheet" if you want to collect multiple signatures from other people, and witness those signatures.  We recommend doing this only if you already have experience as an Oregon petition circulator.  Things to remember:

  • Print it out on plain, white printer paper. (Colored paper is reserved for paid gatherers)

  • You must print the two pages front-to-back, no stapling.

  • Only voters within House District 8 may sign.

  • Mail back any completed sheets to:  Holvey Recall, c/o UFCW Political Dept, 7095 SW Sandburg Street, Tigard OR 97223 by June 30.

  • We recommend reading the state's Circulator Manual.

See if you live in District 8

(Only District 8 voters may sign the petition!)

ZIP Code


Street Address


, OR

ZIP Code

Check my District

OMG you totally do live in District 8!

Mail me a petition sheet

Thanks!  It'll be on the way shortly.

Nah, your state representative is

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