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Myths and Facts

Paul Holvey says the Recall campaign is lying.

Let's examine his claims.

Rep. Paul Holvey is not an evil guy.  But he's made a lot of missteps, poor decisions, and legislated in ways that really hurt working people. 

We're pushing for a recall because his record is terrible.  But instead of defending his decisions or owning up to them, he's decided to just say that we're lying.  It's certainly easier for him, but anyone who actually looks at the evidence will see through his story.

The Workers Rights bill Holvey killed was somehow illegal.
Holvey's attorneys had to remind him that's not what they said.
Holvey has a great pro-labor record!
Actually, he's below average.
A special election would take money from other public services.
Nope, that's not how it works.
Holvey is being targeted because he asked too many questions.
He didn't ask any questions, actually.
This recall was started by a special interest group lobbyist.
This recall was started by members of a large labor union.
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